For almost 20 years, privacy professionals have relied on PrivacyScan to stay informed with analysis and practical guidance on Canadian privacy issues, including legislative updates, privacy commissioner and court findings, emerging technologies, policy directions, global and cross-border issues, and anything else that matters. This is not a blog, a collection of news clippings, or a research tool. Every issue provides analysis that you cannot find anywhere else, written in a way that is practical and easy to understand. This is why PrivacyScan is widely read by chief privacy officers, privacy managers, lawyers, consultants, advocates, academics, policy makers, and privacy commissioners and their staff.

PrivacyScan will keep you updated on how public and private sector privacy laws are being applied in Canada in key complaint findings and court decisions, emerging issues arising through technology, and policy directions. PrivacyScan is well-read within the business community in Canada. Subscribers include major Canadian business associations, corporations, lawyers, consultants, advocates and academics, policy makers in federal and provincial governments, and Privacy Commissioners and their staff. No other privacy publication has this reach or this scope.

PrivacyScan is edited and published by Kris Klein and Shaun Brown, two of Canada’s leading experts in privacy law, and partners with nNovation LLP. PrivacyScan was founded in 1998 by Murray Long, another Canadian privacy expert, who continues to be a regular contributor to the publication. There are also occasional feature reports and guest articles.